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    • Have your group trained at your site.  CPR, AED, First Aid, Blood Pathogens and more to ensure you are compliant with OSHA and other certification Boards.  If your group has more than 10 participants, print this $25 off coupon
    • Schedule a class .   Form an ONSISTE group, or join a group. A group is 5 or more participants in a Tampa, FL zip code, and for a bit more, other FL cities. Under 5 participants? Training may still be available on a limited basis.
    • Renew First Aid Not available for first time students.You may opt to save time with a blended learning option where you do an online theory exposure from the curriculum board then meet with me for 15 minutes to cover hands on updates.
    • 2 Hour Childcare online courses:  Safety is Good for (the Childcare)  OR  Business and Blood Borne Pathogens
    • 4 Hour HIV training.  Not our course, but we are glad to be a resource for you.
    • Become a CPR  Instructor Earn extra income, or save some by training your staff in-house. We train you to teach CPR and other safety skills, and establish your own Training Center. For more information call (813) 760-5624
    • Purchase First Aid, and Emergency safety products here.

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Compression only CPR

Call 911.  In case you forgot your CPR steps, they will be able to walk you through it.

Compression only CPR:

  • Guideline refers to Adult CPR only and excludes on the job performance where you are still expected to ventilate the victim as appropriate.
  • Useful in Good Samaritan situations where there is a discomfort in performing mouth to mouth ventilation.
  • Compression only CPR ** is done with continuous chest compressions:
  • Using adult compression technique, push hard and fast (100x per min.)
  • Allow the chest to recoil completely.
  • Continue compressions with minimal interruptions until help arrives, an AED  is available, victim shows signs of life or providers from EMS  tell you to stop.

**  Ventilations are still appropriate for adults in certain conditions.




Trudy Beerman is the main instructor with Health Coach Plus based in Tampa, Florida.  However, since she is an Instructor Trainer for the American Safety & Health Institute Safety Curriculum,  Trudy has trained many instructors throughout Florida, other states, and even within the Caribbean.  From time to time, she may send an alternate instructor to represent her.  Trudy continues to provide Safety training, however, she is an entrepreneur active in the Financial Services Industry.  When she is not teaching safety courses, Trudy heads up Debt Free Wealth Building, Corp., a non-profit money education organization that helps those who desire it: delete debt, build wealth, and protect family assets.Trudy Beerman

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